Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Is this #3 Plastic Serious?

Is this #3 Plastic Serious?

What's with these plastics? Are you kidding? I mean, seriously, what are we thinking?

Healthy Child, Healthy World has a printable pocket guide to eliminate the confusion about plastics. The printable guide is useful for anyone wondering about #1 through #7 plastics; what are they made from and what's the concern?

The one that caught my eye on the list, and should be avoided by any means necessary, is the one we use most frequently for our babies! Specifically, #3 PVC, or Plyvinyl Chloride is used for Salad Dressing Bottles, Cling Wrap, Teething Rings, Pacifiers, Toys and Shower Curtains. According to the guide, the concern with the use of this type of plastic is that it can leach lead and phthalates, and it can also off-gas toxic chemicals. In my opinion, #3 PVC should be outlawed! Please avoid the use of #3 PVC plastics by seeking out alternatives. These chemicals are hazardous and our babies' developing bodies are vulnerable.

Green to Grow has alternatives for the bottles and nipples of standard ones that are made of #3 PVC. Also, instead of using the plastic teething toy, try Organic Cotton teething toys.

Those are a few suggestions, please research this topic further and find out for yourself the concerns as well as the perfectly acceptable alternatives available.

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