Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday's Green Parenting Tip

Tuesday's Green Parenting Tip

Spring is in the air! Utilize this wonderful blossoming change in season to air out your house. Let the fresh air get rid of any stagnant winter buildup in the house.

Fresh air is always a sure way to lift the spirits as well. For an instant smile, be sure to catch a sunny spring walk or play in the grass when the moment presents itself.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day 2009

Earth Day 2009

Celebrate the Beauty and Magnificence of the Earth today!

Stop and plant a flower, listen to the birds chirp, take a walk in a park or along a river bar and reflect on all the wonders of this amazing creation.

Watch the 2009 CTN Green Earth Day Video Mashup.

And below is 2008 Earth Day clip...

Video: Planet Earth Trailer produced by Alastair Fothergill and narrated by David Attenborough. Earth Photo: The Blue Marble seen from Apollo 17. Song: Sigur Rós - Hoppípoll

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday's Green Parenting Tip

Tuesday's Green Parenting Tip

I recently started my baby on solids. I bought organic rice cereal to start and I've now moved into introducing veggies as well. The first veggie I fed him was organic peas from a jar.

I was cooking a yam for myself and thought, "Why am I feeding Baby veggies from a jar when I have fresh stuff like this?" Baby's next veggie, a Yam, of course. I stirred in some filtered water to thin (adding breast milk is probably best). Baby loved eating Yams with Mommy. Next on the menu, Avocados.

So, Green Parenting Tip:

Make your own fresh baby food. Simple, healthy, no wasted packaging or processing and no preservatives or other added garbage.

Thank you mbrubeck for the use of photo under Creative Commons license.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Most Important Thing to Know about Composting

The Most Important Thing to Know about Composting

Actually, this might be a question for me rather than a statement.

The most important thing to know, for me, is how to keep the critters away. I have a compost pile just like the one my mother had when I was a kid. Unlike the one my mother had when I was a kid, mine gets literally ravished by the local band of raccoons. I can't keep the goods composting long enough to get any of that wonderful compost material to use on my veggies and flowers. It really is a sad case. But I refuse to get one of those clunky compost contraptions. Call me stubborn.

Truthfully, the most important thing to know about composting is to keep at it!

It's a wonderful learning experience and greatly rewarding to see table scraps nourishing your beautiful roses or snap peas. Plus, it greatly reduces the amount of garbage you have to haul to the dump, or the curb, for you city dwellers.
So, if you haven't started one, get to it. And if you don't have the outdoor space for a pile, go for a compost bin. It really is worth it.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter All!

Happy Easter all!

I just finished celebrating a most wonderful Easter day with friends and family.

It is amazing to celebrate the pivotal point of Christianity: The Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead which offers us our redemption. That same power which raised Christ from the dead comes to live in our hearts when we accept the free gift of salvation. I love celebrating this new life.

I believe Jesus Christ was the Son of God, died for our sins and was raised from the dead to offer us new life. Do you?

Let me know if you would like to know more about this amazing gift or leave a comment about your Easter experience. (Contact me directly: owner@everythinggreenhome.com).

Happy Resurrection Day!

Thank you Ihar for the use of the picture under the Creative Commons license.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Is this #3 Plastic Serious?

Is this #3 Plastic Serious?

What's with these plastics? Are you kidding? I mean, seriously, what are we thinking?

Healthy Child, Healthy World has a printable pocket guide to eliminate the confusion about plastics. The printable guide is useful for anyone wondering about #1 through #7 plastics; what are they made from and what's the concern?

The one that caught my eye on the list, and should be avoided by any means necessary, is the one we use most frequently for our babies! Specifically, #3 PVC, or Plyvinyl Chloride is used for Salad Dressing Bottles, Cling Wrap, Teething Rings, Pacifiers, Toys and Shower Curtains. According to the guide, the concern with the use of this type of plastic is that it can leach lead and phthalates, and it can also off-gas toxic chemicals. In my opinion, #3 PVC should be outlawed! Please avoid the use of #3 PVC plastics by seeking out alternatives. These chemicals are hazardous and our babies' developing bodies are vulnerable.

Green to Grow has alternatives for the bottles and nipples of standard ones that are made of #3 PVC. Also, instead of using the plastic teething toy, try Organic Cotton teething toys.

Those are a few suggestions, please research this topic further and find out for yourself the concerns as well as the perfectly acceptable alternatives available.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Why are 1.1 Billion People Currently Without Safe Water?

Why are 1.1 Billion People Currently Without Safe Water?

Did a water tower explode? No. Water pipes bust? No. Only if they existed!

What if your water was contaminated? Or you had absolutely no access to sanitation? Then, according to the Water Advocates website, you would, in fact, be amongst the 1.1 billion without safe water and the 2.6 billion that lack sanitation. Between 2 and 5 million people are killed annually by unsafe drinking water and inadequate sanitation. Many that die are young children.

Sheltered by the great advances in modern technology, we tend to take for granted the vital necessity of basics such as safe water and sanitation. Sometimes, I believe, we get so caught up in small complications in life and we forget about how we can have such a positive effect upon the lives of so many others. Specifically, by getting involved, we can help improve and possibly even save the lives of millions of vulnerable little ones.

Contaminated water and sanitation hazards are a reality for literally billions of people in the world today. This tragically accounts for astronomically high rates of child mortality. As a new mother, I could never imagine not being able to provide safe water and sanitation for my most precious baby. The problem is too overwhelming to do anything about it alone. There is a place for every single individual to get involved. Find out how you can make a real difference.

The Water Advocates works with the US government, civic organizations, businesses, faith-based organizations and philanthropic foundations to raise US awareness and involvement. Plug into an existing organization that has an active project or start one. For a plethora of resources on water & sanitation, articles, and the impacts of water challenges, click here to go to the Water Advocates resource overview.

Do tell...Have you washed your hands today? How about those teeth? Or indulged in a thirst quenching gulp of clean water?

Thank you Water Advocates for the use of the download ad picture.