Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Breastfeeding with Teeth

A little dramatic, I know. Thank you, Tina Keller for the use of the picture.

Okay, so this title sounds like OUCH to me! My son's two front teeth just came in and he's only 4 ½ months old. So far he has not put me through the chomp but I imagine it would be painful if he decided to start biting. How do you stop a little one from biting? Thus far, I noticed he will start to pull or tug if he's done eating and still at the breast. To avoid the teething response of the clamp-down, I remove him from the breast before he tries anything new. Any suggestions from a seasoned mother?

My baby's MD recommends 6 months of alone Breastfeeding before introducing any other foods. But now with the appearance of the teeth, I'm wondering about the 6 months. My ultimate goal is to breastfeed for 1 year. I knew his teeth would arrive eventually, but not so soon. I'm just getting the hang of all this sleep walking, breastfeeding stuff and now potentially hazardous weapons have been added into the equation.

I love breastfeeding. Not only is it an amazing bond between baby and mother, it also gives baby the perfect nutrients needed at each stage in development. It is the most healthy, natural and green way to feed baby. I love it too for more selfish reasons: quick, easy, pre-made, perfect temperature and no clean up. Also, no stinky poops in his cloth diapers! When the other foods are introduced, here come the stinky-stinkies.

If he decides to start biting, I will have to figure out this breast pump contraption and feed him from a BPA-free bottle. Besides, that would make date night with husband a whole lot simpler.

More on the wonderful benefits of breastfeeding later. For now, any Breastfeeding with Teeth stories to share?

Saturday, February 21, 2009



My first coupon ad had a few glitches…it worked in the checkout process but failed to apply the discount to the credit card. That is definitely not the way I'd like to run my coupon ads. The glitch has been corrected and the discounts were applied to the coupon purchases via a 15% refund. Sorry, again, to all those who experienced this glitch and I have created individual good faith coupons for the inconvenience (these coupons will have no problems!).

Since all has been corrected, I have decided to extend the 15% off all baby products through February 28th. Enter coupon code: GREENBABY15 at checkout to receive 15% off your baby products purchase (those who have already used the coupon can use it again).

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Let the Blogging Begin

First Blog…well, it wasn't long ago that I said, "Blog what?" Now, I'm starting my own. I also just learned about Tweeters. This is making me sound old already. Okay, so all these firsts for me are exciting and scary at the same time. I just had my first child, a healthy baby boy. I started my first business, a green living store, strictly ecommerce so I am blessed to work from home. I started my first compost pile, more on that later. I started my first Bible study in my home, but that isn't necessarily business related. And I've been genuinely going green for the first time in my life.

What do I want to blog about? The word blog reminds me of blah, blah, blah…So, I will definitely keep a focus. As much as possible anyway, I do have a problem with small clutter piles around my house even though I clean daily. But this will be different! The purpose of this blog in particular is to focus on my store and the process of going green. I'd like to share about the products I've found and why I have chosen them. Some I've used, some I haven't. Everything I've picked is unique or functional and somehow green. Therefore, I want to present why I'm offering them in the first place and why I decided to take this leap of faith even, dare I say it, in a horrific recession.

First of all, just so I'm clear, I am what I've found to be called a Lighter Shade of Green. I like to eat organic produce, use non-toxic cleaners and personal care products, use organic products for baby, compost, and recycle…I'm a bit obsessed with the recycling, more on that later. But I don't believe the world is ending tomorrow due to global warming. Instead, I practice green ways to create a kid friendly, non-toxic home life for my dearest little one. Besides, I hate chemical. I hate chemical smell, chemical taste, chemical anything. I suppose all this chemical hating could turn into some form of neurotic behavior much like those who are fanatic bleach scrubbing fiends (I am a recovering bleach scrubbing fiend!).

Now that I have introduced myself, I hope you like some of the things I will have to offer on this blogging cyber world experience.