Saturday, June 20, 2009

Let the Green America Screening Begin!

Let the Green America Screening Begin!

Everything Green Home just sent off the 13 page application for Green America, formerly Co-op America. This starts the screening process which takes at least 8 weeks. Wow! The goal is for Everything Green Home to pass the screening and gain the Green America seal of approval. Once merited with the Green America seal, all green shoppers will know that Everything Green Home has gone through a rigorous screening and is approved for people and planet. Everything Green Home mission statement is as follows:

– Everything Green Home strictly chooses products demonstrating green qualities, such as non-toxic, organic, fair trade or made in the USA, sustainable material, recycled material, all-natural, or free of synthetics. Everything Green Home explicitly lists the green criteria for each product within that product description on the EGH website. Abiding by these guidelines, we provide the consumer with a non-toxic, sustainable, or otherwise green alternative to house-wares, unique gifts and baby products, thereby increasing the value of the green standard and presenting a more responsible consumer voice.

Just keeping you posted. Find the seal of approval at in several months. Thanks, Charane

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