Monday, October 5, 2009

Everything Green Home is going to the Wind

Everything Green Home is going to the Wind
...Wind-power that is!

I just switched over my web hosting to a 130% wind-power company...yeah, that's over & beyond the call of duty ;)

RECs stand for Renewable Energy Certificates and when you can't hook directly to the solar panel power or directly to the wind power, RECs are available for purchase. When buying RECs it is important to purchase certificates that are verified by a third party and that the RECs that you purchase are retired from the market so they aren't resold to another person trying to support renewable energy.

Basically, when you buy RECs, you are supporting a renewable energy source to off-set the traditional source you currently utilize. To learn more about RECs and to see if you can get connected to renewable energy in your area, check out the EPA Green Power Locator.

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