Monday, May 18, 2009

The Drive-by Diapering

The Drive-by Diapering

Drive-by Diapering may not actually be happening here, but it fully describes how I have to handle my baby with his new found mobile skills. He flips around, twists, and turns and often makes a break for it. Lately, I remove his cloth diaper with all its diaper goodies and quickly, I mean with some real quickness, wipe his bottom with a wet organic cotton baby wipe. If he makes a hard break for it and I'm not in danger of any immediate poopage, then I let him go for it. He streaks off with sheer delight. He truly is a nudist at heart.

A little later is when the Drive-by Diapering takes place. I load up my ammo (aka cloth diaper & diaper liner for added protection) and cruise around the house to find my target. When he's spotted, I quickly tackle him, pin him down and let him have it. Usually, there is a lot of yelling & flailing of the appendages, but the quickness of my Drive-by Diapering makes the drama relatively short lived. Then I am gone about my business and Baby crawls off fully clothed and presentable like every other diaper crawler.

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